Bachelor's degree in

Chemical Engineering

Have you ever wondered about the materials of many objects that you use every day? And how these materials are designed and obtained?


If you observe the products that usually surround you, you will find a big variety of objects such as clothes, food, medicines, metal utensils, plastic, wood, etc. But, have you ever wondered which materials the clothes you wear are made of? What do you know about the food that you eat? Which is the composition of the medicines that you take? How these objects are designed and produced?The curriculum of the Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering allows you to give an answer to these questions and many more.

The Chemical Engineering provides training that allows you to influence the production and manufacture of specific materials and common products in everyday life, bearing in mind the respect for the environment and the protection and the security of the people.

Personalized treatment 

Very close atmosphere between teachers and students.


40 years teaching the Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering.


Awards program for the best files.

High occupation

93% graduate employment rate .


25% of the students have done the Bachelor’s Thesis on research projects.

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