Bachelor's degree in

ICT Systems Engineering

What do they have in common: cars, tablets, elevator, a resonance imaging system, the Internet of Things or the so-called smart cities?

All of them incorporate, in an integrated way, elements of electronics, computer science and communications, the three knowledge areas that constitute what are called information and communication technologies (TIC).

The degree in ICT System Engineering offers a multi-purpose and integrative training in the field of ICT. This is a necessary vision to develop current and future products and systems, in which electronics, computers and communications work together and in a coordinated way.

These studies are a response to emerging and high-impact sectors such as the embedded systems field, present in cars, automation, industrial machinery, medical equipment, consumer electronics or traffic control systems, among many others.

Quality Award

Quality Award in University Teaching 2014

Real projects

Teaching based on real ICT projects, proposed by companies.

High occupation

93% employment rate of graduates.

Unique studies

Unique in Spain, following the model of international leading universities.


20% of students participate in international mobility programs.


Awards program for the best files.

The unique feature that distinguishes this university degree is the integration of these three ICT domains into a single curriculum. Attending these courses you will have the opportunity to:

  • Obtain a scientific training that will allow you to understand current and future technology.

  • Master the bases of electronic, computer and communications technologies and, in particular, the connection between the three disciplines, to solve problems and improve products.

  • Be a real engineer: you will be able to apply the technological knowledge to solve real-world problems.

  • Be a person who feels close to the world of companies and knows their values: the spirit of innovation, competitiveness, teamwork, communicative skills, creativity, etc.

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