Bachelor's degree in

Automotive Engineering

How is a vehicle designed? How is it built? How is the whole process managed?

Come and learn all of these things with us, not just at the theoretical level but with the companies that work on them.

Jornada de Portes Obertes - VIRTUAL

Dates: 26 de febrer - 24 d'abril - 15 de maig - 15 de juny de 2021

The bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering  responds to the automotive industry’s demand for engineers with very specific knowledge, who have mastered the product—the automobile and its components—and the process, that is, the manufacturing process and its management. The aim is to produce specialised engineers who have a comprehensive view of the automotive industry and its entire value chain.

The automotive engineering sector is one of the most globalised and competitive sectors and it continuously incorporates innovations and technical improvements in aspects such as safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection. It has a strong tradition in Catalonia and has become a strategic economic sector.

Great demand

A demand for 100 engineers per year up to 2030 is foreseen in the automotive sector.


The bachelor's degree has the support of the Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia.

Academic itinerary

It provides direct admission to the master's degree in Automotive Engineering at the ETSEIB.


Awards program for the best files.

Programmed practices

A significant part of the work placements take place in leading companies in the sector, which is why part of the teaching is done in English.

Formula Student

During your degree you can join Dynamics, the team that represents the Manresa School and the UPC in Formula Student, and participate in the competition.

Project Motostudent

During your degree you can join Synergy Racing Team, the team that represents the Manresa School and the UPC in Formula Student, and participate in the competition.

Subjects ECTS credits PDF
Algebra  6
Calculus I 6
Graphic Expression I 4,5
Physics I 4,5
Automobile Chemistry  6
Automotive Sector 3
Automotive Engineering, Mobility and Sustainability 3
Calculus II  6
Graphic Expression II  4,5
Physics II  4,5
Fundamentals of Informatics 6
Materials Engineering 6
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 3
Electrotechnics 6
Mechanical Engineering I 6
Mathematics for Engineering 4,5
Fluid Mechanics 4,5
Strength of Materials 6
Finite Elements and Finite Volumes in Engineering 4,5
Mechanical Engineering II 4,5
Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) 3
Fluid Dynamics 6
Electronic Systems 6
Materials Processing and Transformation Technology 6
Systems Analysis and Control 6
Vehicle Structural Calculations   6
Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) 3
Quality Management 4,5
Heat Engines 6
Auxiliary Mechanical Systems 4,5
Vehicle Dynamics 6
Automated Manufacturing 6
Habitability and Safety 3
Prototypes 3
Electrical Systems 6
ICT for the Automotive Industry 6


Subjects ECTS credits PDF
Thermal Design 3
Legislation and Regulatory Framework 3
Propulsion Systems 6
Production and Logistics Systems 6
Optativa 1 6
Optativa 2 6
Optativa 3 6
Optativa 4 6
Optativa 5 6
Bachelor's Thesis 12


Subjects ECTS credits PDF
Subjects to be studied at ETSEIB 30
Subjects to be studied at ETSEIB 18
Bachelor's Thesis 12

      Basic training

      Specific training

      Optional subjects


Assignatures optatives

Subjects ECTS credits PDF
Work Placement 1 12
Empresa 6
Mecànica i Teoria de Mecanismes 6
Components i Vibracions en Màquines 6
Electrònica Analògica 6
Regulació Automàtica 6
Sistemes Digitals 6
Sistemes de Control Encastats 6
Sistemes Robotitzats 6
Modelització i Simulació de Sistemes Dinàmics 6
Prevenció de Riscos Laborals 6
Conducció Segura i Eficient* 3
Work Placement 2 18
Metodologia, Gestió i Orientació de Projectes 6
Teoria d'Estructures i Construccions Industrials 6
Tecnologia Mecànica 6
Cinemàtica i Dinàmica de Màquines 6
Disseny de Màquines 6
Electrònica Digital 6
Instrumentació Electrònica 6
Electrònica Digital 6
Informàtica Industrial 6
Gestió del Manteniment 6
Conducció Segura i Eficient * 3

* Apart de l’import dels crèdits que es pagarà de forma habitual a través de la matrícula, l’assignatura té un cost afegit que es pagarà al mateix circuit

Jornada de Portes Obertes - VIRTUAL

Dates: 26 de febrer - 24 d'abril - 15 de maig - 15 de juny de 2021

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