Bachelor's degree in

Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control Engineering

All industrial processes depend on electronics and automatic control. Find out how these processes work, how to improve them and how to design new ones.

This bachelor's degree brings together two basic areas of knowledge, automatic control and industrial electronics. Underpinned by informatics and communications, they are a driving force of significant changes in economic activity, which result from the increasing prevalence of automation and intelligence in processes and products.

Today, a production line cannot be conceived without a certain degree of automation and, therefore, running a company involves the computerisation and integration of processes such as production, maintenance, administration and management. With regard to products and systems, the tendency is to give them greater functionality and accuracy by integrating computer components, including embedded sensors and processors.


Programmed practices

Practical training in companies in the sector.


Participation in study programmes abroad


Awards program for the best files.

High occupation

93% graduate employment rate

Personalized treatment

Close interaction between teachers and students.
  • You will acquire a grounding in technology that will allow you to apply electronic and automated solutions involving a range of industrial technologies to problems.

  • You will learn to solve real problems in a way that takes into account context and restrictions, such as the economic costs, time factors, the regulatory framework, the environment, strategic factors, etc.

  • You will learn to approach problem solving with a cooperative and innovative spirit that takes into account the importance of communication, with a view to providing competitive solutions.

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