Master's Degree in

Mining Engineering

Do you want to transform the world into a more sustainable society?
Come and learn a profession with a great future!

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The aim of this master’s degree is to produce engineers specialised in research on mineral and energy resources and their environmentally and economically sustainable exploitation. 

Possibility to pursue a double degree, Master's Degree in Mining Engineering + Master's Degree in Geothecnical Engineering, in 2 years.

You will receive a broad education that covers the following professional areas in depth (he tret la part que deia sobre espanya, ja que pot crear confusions):


  • Management of energy resources.

  • Carbon capture and storage.

Mining engineering

  • Exploration, assessment and modelling of geological resources and mineral and thermal waters.

  • Design, modelling, planning and management of mining activities.

  • Blasting planning and modelling. Use of JK Simblast software. Demolitions. Pyrotechnics. Manufacture, transport, storage, handling and use of explosives.

  • Design of mineral treatment, recovery and recycling plants.

  • Application of Vulcan software in all of the stages of mining activity, including underground and open-pit activity. 

Environmental, spatial and civil engineering

  • Underground spatial management using geographic information systems. Use of ArcGIS software.

  • Environmental project assessment and management.

  • Restoration of degraded spaces.

  • Water and soil treatment.

  • Waste management and recycling.

  • Blasting planning and modelling applied to civil works.

  • Geotècnia aplicada a l'obra civil. Use of Rocscience software

  • Design and execution of underground tunnels and spaces.

 QUESTION 1: What are the time tables?

  • The Master is held in afternoon sessions. Favoring that students carry out internships in the morning, while they are studying. 

QUESTION 2: Can students enrol less subjects?  

  • Yes. There is the possibility of doing less subjects for semester, self-paced.

QUESTION 3: Are there validations of subjects for students from other Master's degree programs?

  • It is possible, but each case must be studied in particular.

Preinscripció OBERTA


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