Bachelor's degree in

Mechanical Engineering

From the design of the engine of a vehicle to the writing and direction of industrial engineering projects. The most classic and at the same time the most modern of all engineering.

 Mechanical engineering has been a fundamental part of the development of the 20th century. According to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) the most important contributions in the world during the 20th century have been, in order of importance: the automobile, the Apollo, the generation of energy, the mechanization of agriculture, the airplane, production of integrated circuits, air conditioning and refrigeration, CAD / CAM systems and other CAE technologies, bioengineering and codes and standards. Mechanical engineering is present in most of these innovations.  

Throughout the years, the mechanical engineer has been key to the development of the industry of any country, is a person able to perform successfully in all domains of industrial production through the different phases of their projects: research and development, preliminary studies, basic engineering, detail engineering, industrialization, construction, operation, ...

Degree 'King'

The most requested career of the UPC. 83% of graduates would return to study at the UPC.

High occupancy

100% of the graduates of the UPC are in active situation.


Awards program for the best files.

Practices for leading companies

Possibility of carrying out internships with leading companies in our industrial environment.

Mobility - Erasmus

25% of the students have developed their final degree project in foreign universities.

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